Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Medium Colorblock Tote Review

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Rebecca Minkoff, M.A.B. Medium Colorblock Tote

The second I spied the Rebecca Minkoff MAB Medium Colorblock Tote in Electric Blue/Black… I was obsessed. This season, I’ve been coveting all things cobalt, and the added interest of basic black pulled me to this bag like a siren song. [Read more…]

Trends: Nude Handbags

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Trend: Nude Bags! Photos Courtesy of

Proof that our love affair with the 1980’s is not quite over: the nude handbag! Collections that were once overrun with chocolate browns are leaning naked. Here are seven beauties to feast your eyes on, all available at!

1)  Vince Camuto Riley Tote in Taupe, $278

2)  Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Medium Tote in Nude,  $255

3) Tory Burch Marion Tote, $550

4) Fendi Patent Leather Baguette in Makeup/Gold, $2,190

5) Saint Laurent Ligne T Leather Satchel Medium in Natural, $2,695

6) Longchamp Roseau Leather Shoulder Tote Large in Natural (on sale!) $392

7)  Kate Spade Cedar Street Crossbody in Clock Tower, retail $148.

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Fall 2013: Limited Edition Chanel Sunnies

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Limited Edition Chanel Sunglasses Fall 2013

You know me readers… when I see bling, I stop. So when I was strolling through Nordstrom today, I literally froze in my tracks when I spotted three pairs of Chanel Sunglasses in a glass case, glittering with precious metal.

These sunglasses are beyond expensive… The oversized round sunglasses in the bottom picture are in a pale lavender shade that is actually so eye-catching!  Retail price, a whopping $1,350!  The top image features the Butterfly style in a tortoise-shell with gold adornment.

Limited Edition Chanel Sunglasses Fall 2013, chanel sunglasses fall 2013, limited edition chanel, new chanel sunglasses

Limited Edition Chanel Sunglasses Fall 2013

What do you think? Gorgeous, or what? Looking for a place to score these beauties? Check out Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA!

Spring 2013 Trend: Color, Color, Color!

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Spring 2013 Trends: Vivid Color In Every Hue


Womens clothing is so much fun for Spring 2013!

From jeans in every color of the rainbow to accessories in almost-blinding neons, this season is all about brights! But be cautious… overdoing it and wearing color from head to toe can look clownish!

Vivid clothing and accessories can be balanced with neutral shades of putty or gray, to ensure the look is fun but not overwhelming!  If basic denim is feeling drab, be sure to check out some of the printed denim shown for this season!  I’m personally not a big fan of the bold stripes we’re seeing everywhere this season, but cute little polka dots are modern and demure!

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Online Shopping For Errands!

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Girlfriends Should Get To Relax When Shopping!


It’s rare for me to get out for some fun shopping with my girlfriends. Since I like shopping trips with friends to be leisurely and relaxed, I rely on online shopping to ensure my errands are complete.  Over time, my habits have completely changed, and the bulk of my annual shopping is done online.  I mean everything!  Women’s clothing, men’s clothing, holiday shopping… I am even now shopping for my weekly groceries online!

I was recently browsing the website “Fashion World”, and loved to see that this site features departments for women, men, footwear, and even household appliances! I’m a fan of places where I can stock up on household necessities like a new Hoover, new jeans for my husband, and a knit top for myself with only one checkout!

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Curves Are Back!

Fashion models may be seven-foot stick insects, but it seems we Brits aspire to a somewhat different shape. The survey conducted recently by puts Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé at the top of the list for the perfect female form. That could be good news for Twiggy (who looks fantastic anyway): not only is she more comfortable now that those sixties hipbones are no longer a hazard in the rush hour, but it looks as if she’s right on the money where today’s fashion is concerned. Again.

Hello Magazine certainly seems to agree. It seems that curves are back. Hopefully, the evil ghost of size zero is about to be laid to rest. [Read more…]

More Women Are Satisfied With Breast Enhancement And Reductions

The majority of women who undergo breast reduction surgery are satisfied with the results, according to a recent survey.  A total of 125 women who had undergone reduction mammoplasty were polled in the study, which assessed their feelings on the procedure six months after it had taken place and again one year later.

After six months, nearly 90 per cent of women rated the outcome of their cosmetic surgeries as “good” or “very good”. One year on, the figure had decreased but was still high at 80 per cent. Additionally, surgeons themselves were asked to rate the outcomes by comparing standard before and after photos, with around 75 per cent giving a “good” or “very good” rating. [Read more…]

2012 Accesory Trends

summer 2012 acceossory trends, 2012 summer accessory trends

Accessory Trends for Summer 2012

It’s time to recap my favorite accessory trends for Summer 2012 readers! Today’s Summer 2012 accessory roundup has been brought to you by Ultralase and their incredible Laser Eye Surgery options. Enjoy this accessory roundup! [Read more…]

Gucci Sale Fall 2011

I’m not sure about you, dear readers, but I can smell a Gucci Sale opportunity as well as I can detect a rose. And it’s coming!

[Read more…]

Winter Blues Be Gone!

Four Ways To Beat The Winter Blues
With Retail Therapy!

So many of us suffer from the Winter Blues, it now even has a clinical name! Seasonal affective disorder is actually now considered a fairly common disorder, and those of us living in states less weather-blessed suffer the most. According to wikipedia, a whopping 9.7% of the population in New Hampshire is depressed in the Wintertime!

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