Curves Are Back!

Fashion models may be seven-foot stick insects, but it seems we Brits aspire to a somewhat different shape. The survey conducted recently by puts Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé at the top of the list for the perfect female form. That could be good news for Twiggy (who looks fantastic anyway): not only is she more comfortable now that those sixties hipbones are no longer a hazard in the rush hour, but it looks as if she’s right on the money where today’s fashion is concerned. Again.

Hello Magazine certainly seems to agree. It seems that curves are back. Hopefully, the evil ghost of size zero is about to be laid to rest.

But don’t go hoping that there’s a get out of jail free card in this: Kim and Ms Knowles may have curves, but they don’t have flab. They’re perfect examples of how your body should look if you looked after it properly. The good news is that all it takes is a little discipline.

Both Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé admit to needing to watch their weight. Interestingly, both have very similar views on how to do that and to stay toned. So let’s put the advice of both of them together and see how that helps us.

Don’t Crash Diet
Fad diets and crash programmes of eating virtually nothing just don’t work. When your body spots a sudden reduction in food availability, it starts creating fat. It’s a reaction that saved us from extinction when the mammoth meat got scarce, but it’s the exact opposite of our aim when we’re trying to look our best.

Instead, both stars prefer to aim for healthy, natural foods. Those reduced-fat frozen meals may be quick and convenient, but if you replaced them with fresh vegetables, you’d be able to eat a lot more. Then you’d be less hungry. Eat wisely and because you’re still eating a good volume of food, your body doesn’t fire up its famine reaction, and you lose weight steadily.

It’s important to remember that food is just fuel. And if your body runs out of fuel, it stops. But it’s a lot cleverer than your car: before it runs out, it slows down. So eat too little and your metabolism slows down; you actually don’t need so much food. This is why many people who’ve dieted incorrectly for years end up eating impossibly small meals and still not losing weight.

Keeping your body fuelled is vital to the next part of your journey to those killer curves.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
Don’t expect a taut, toned body if all you’re doing is nibbling carrots while you watch Emmerdale. Both Kardashian and Knowles are incredibly disciplined in their exercise regimes. If you love food and hate dieting, start working out. When your body’s working it’s using fuel, and when you’re using fuel, you’re losing weight. You can see something of Beyoncé’s exercise techniques here.

Don’t Give Up
It’s tough to lose weight and tone up. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. But it does get easier. When you start out you might find you don’t like your new diet much, but your palate will change in a short while. You may struggle to find the time for your exercise, but persevere – you’ll find a routine that fits it in.

Keep your motivation, because you can succeed. You can have the body that the rest of Britain dreams of.

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